All You Need to Know About Door Frame

A door frame basically includes two vertical jambs joined to the wall to form a frame. One vertical jamb holds the hinges while other holds the lock. A hole is created in the frame for the latch to move inside in order to lock the door.

But a door frame is much more than it appears. Following are its other important constituents-

1. Crown

The crown of the frame is meant to support the two vertical jambs. Two holes are drilled on each side of the crown where the jams get fitted.

2. Girder

This is the horizontal part which is rested on the ground. This was earlier present in the ancient heavy doors and these days are found only on the outdoor doors. Its main aim is to give extra strength to the door frame. Also it helps in blocking any water from entering the interiors of the house.

3. Strips

The frame also consists of thin strips of wood which rest on the vertical and horizontal jambs of the door. It provides a double protection to the door. It is built in the form of minute stairs so that nobody can pull away the hinges or lock of the frame. Thus, door frames always ensure full security of the rooms

4. Seal

A seal in the form of a strip is attached to the bottom of the door. It prevents the air to pass out when the door is closed. Also, this helps when the door is in movement. The air does not restrict its movement as there is no space left for air to collect. It helps in saving energy as the air from the air conditioners doesn’t travel out of the room causing quick cooling of the rooms.